Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pastel - Flower Still Life

Pastel painting
The first non-landscape pastel painting I made was a still life of flowers against bricks and a white mantle. This wasn't done with the Nupastels I used for the past two drawings; I went to an art store and bought a set of 48 oil pastels along with an accessory kit. After testing them out on a separate piece of paper, I decided to try them out by pastelling the small arrangement on the desk. I noticed that the new set of oil pastels were "thicker" than the ones I have been using in the sense that they didn't spread as easily using a finger and that a blending stick had to be used to get a smooth color output. I also tried using off-white colors for the "white" mantle to give more realism and room for highlights. Again, I didn't plan ahead for the flower placement so the left and right flowers are a different shade than the rest. I do like the way I used reflection to mimic a clear vase and water. I think it was a good first use of the oil pastels.
Original scene

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