Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Post-it Art #29 - Kokiri Tunic

The second post-it art in the exclusively-equipment series is the Kokiri Tunic. This rounds off all of the starting equipment received at the beginning of the game. Being a tunic, the main challenge in drawing this post-it art was creating a realistic fabric texture. I first created an outline of the tunic and mapped out where the creases and folds would go. I then added a crosshatching texture over the entire tunic to mimic threading, and I added shadows and highlights as well as creases. To show that it was specifically the Kokiri Tunic I added pieces of grass and clovers coming off of the tunic, but these have overshadowed the more subtle creases. I was unable to find a good reference of clothing laid flat on a surface, so much of the crease patterns were original. The problems with the fabric are likely why this one took so long, but with the end of the school year coming I should have enough time to make a few more.

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