Sunday, April 23, 2017

Digital Design - YouTube Channel Art

Full YouTube channel art, PC and phone art is a cropped version of this
After one photo shoot, two white background removals, two mystery fonts, three file types, and fifteen layers, my YouTube channel art is finally complete. I tried to cover all that I would ever put on my YouTube channel, showing a photo of my own cello (with a synthetic shadow), a post-it art (real shadow), digital art, and sheet music. It was a challenge fitting all of the important information in the center area despite having a full 2K size to work with; even though not many people will be able to view the full channel art, I still wanted to have a creative way of using the entire space. To achieve this, I put the cello widthwise on the right-hand side which will show the strings when cropped. I also put the "Lanayru Sand Sea" arrangement as the background, which conveniently shows a measure system properly when cropped. I borrowed the translucent text backing from some earlier business cards I made and let it fade out for a modern flair. I even added in a vignette for good measure. Overall it turned out very nicely and I'm proud of it being on the channel.

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