Friday, March 24, 2017

Post-it Art #24 - Lon Lon Milk

The third bottle drawn is a bottle of Lon Lon Milk from Ocarina of Time. Despite what I have said earlier about not drawing the bottle to the highest detail on the other filled bottles, this post-it art is almost an exact copy of the original bottle. What is different is the Lon Lon Ranch label and the milk inside of the bottle. Unlike the Hylian on the claim check, which was just random symbols, the Hylian on the bottle is true to the original model. With the shading on the bottle it actually looks like there is milk in the bottle; I was worried because milk is a white liquid. I kept with the "reverse shading" from the last two bottles but it conflicts with the shading of the milk. I tried to add some special shading to the tops of the cork top and milk; it adds a bit of texture, which is nice.

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