Thursday, March 23, 2017

Post-it Art #23 - Claim Check

This post-it art is of the Claim Check from Ocarina of Time. The spot in which the claim check is in can be occupied by multiple other items in its trading sequence, but because this is the final item I decided to draw this one. I'm debating whether to draw the other items in the sequence, and I'll likely do them if / when I finish the rest of the items and equipment. As for the item itself, the main detail on this one was the texture. I tried to put some texture on the sides, but it only seemed to show up on the sides and not the front. In the models I used it was unclear of whether the Biggoron Sword was sticking out, recessed, or just drawn on the front; I assumed it was recessed and it looks fine. Because of the way the stone is "cut" it looks like it curls up on the top left corner. The shadow might need some work; I find it to be not as good as some others.

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