Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Post-it Art #20 - Fire Arrow

The final arrow to be drawn is the Fire Arrow from Ocarina of Time. I ended up using the same fire effect from the Din's Fire post-it art, expect with smaller flames compensate for the smaller object. I tried to create a "dual shadow" effect by making two light sources, a generic one and the fire, and showing two shadows. It didn't seem to make a great effect but can still be seen in places. I also tried putting it in the arrowhead by only shading the outsides. It looks fine but I was still unsure exactly where the light source would be; it would technically be coming from the fire surrounding the arrowhead, which would mean that the entire surface was lit. I haven't been completely on top of updating the blog, but my schedule's starting to clear up and I'll finally be able to update whenever I want.

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