Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Post-it Art #18 - Empty Bottle

The nineteenth (remember #A) post-it art is an empty bottle based of off the Ocarina of Time model. Because there are multiple bottles in the items menu, this will function as the empty bottle and other post-it arts will feature the item inside the bottle more than the bottle itself. Before this I never had much experience with drawing glass at a realistic level, but the techniques that I tried seemed to pay off nicely. I tried shading the glass inversely (the areas highlighted would be shaded and vice versa, compare to the cork top); it turned out to look semi-natural, especially with the reflection on the left side. I was also worried about drawing the shadow of a largely clear object, but by shading the outsides a nice effect could be achieved. Because I have two other post-it arts completed but not yet posted I will likely write the posts for them and release them a day or so after this one. This would just be for spacing reasons and not having a triple post followed by a two-week-long hiatus.

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