Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Post-it Art #16 - Din's Fire

The first spell to be acquired and drawn, Din's Fire is the next post-it art. To differentiate it from the other spells, I decided to draw fire in a sphere surrounding it. It ended up taking a very long time, but it created a good effect. What I like about the spell "diamond" itself is that because of the shading, it's not entirely possible to tell which side is on top, which creates a Necker cube-style effect. At first the fire wasn't exactly circle-shaped, and the attempts at fixing it can be seen on the "long" ends of the object, especially in the top right. Because of the length and detail I will likely not do a spell for a while, and because many of the "main" items are already drawn I will be turning my focus to the variants such as the arrows and bottles.

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