Friday, January 13, 2017

Post-it Art #11 - Megaton Hammer

The twelfth post-it art, aptly named #11, is the Megaton Hammer from Ocarina of Time. This post-it has been sitting in my folder for a long time because I kept forgetting to check a reference for drawing accuracy. It ended up not mattering anyway (hence the erased pencil marks visible above and below the hammer itself); I drew the handle as wood while in the artwork it is entirely metal with a grip. I especially like the shadow on this one. When I drew it, I realized that I didn't have a set direction that the light was coming from, which made it hard to draw a shadow that fit all of them. I ended up changing the shading on the handle and cap from a back light source (highlights on the far side) to a top light source (highlights on the top side) to compensate. I also like the shading on the hammer, but I waited a day to post it and the shading shown isn't exactly what I envisioned.

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