Sunday, October 30, 2016

Expressions of Link - "Blanked Out"

I decided to start a new digital art series so I can learn to draw eyes in a cartoonish style. Because almost everything else on this blog revolves around Zelda, I decided to use the Ocarina of Time Link as a model, because I happen to have the manga book. After copying some eyes found in the book in Krita, I tried a entire face on my own, with the theme of "blanked out". I think that it ended up turning out well, especially after such a long break from digital art. Aside from the facial expression, I tried a different style of shading and put the shading directly on the color layer rather than having a separate shading layer. This makes my shading a bit more realistic because it does not show a direct transition to black, as my previous digital art showed. However I feel that the eyebrows could have been made thicker.

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