Saturday, October 15, 2016

Art Homework - "Auto-Pilot" License Plate

This art homework required me to create a vanity license plate, but I created a pun out of it so it would read AUTO-Pilot. (assuming that whoever had such license plate used it on a Honda Pilot) I decided to put a plane on the license plate because autopilot could refer to a plane even though it was a car and "state of flight" came from there. On this one I tried to focus on the shading of the metal license plate and model name. At some points it is hard to distinguish the "Pilot" lettering from the metal background shading, which may have prompted me to do what I did in the Pedestal of Time post-it art. Note that I finished this on October 9th and the Pedestal of Time, published before this, was completed on October 14th.

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