Saturday, August 13, 2016

Digital Messing-Around-With-GIMP - Link Playing Ocarina GIF

This GIF is of Link from The Minish Cap playing the Ocarina of Wind with swaying grass. well yeah lkj i have eyes This took a ridiculously long time to make and you will be hearing it. First I had to find the correct sprites online to create the image and I created a tiny GIF with a black/transparent background. Then I decide to use the tall grass and make it sway. I could not find the Link-in-tall-grass-effect (i'm done i promise) sprite so I had to find a screenshot of the sprite and use other sprites to cross match every pixel to get the effect. Then I scaled it up and added the signature. To be nice I am including the effect that I had to create myself. You can take the effect, but don't say it's your own. (because it's mine haha)
The Effect

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