Thursday, August 10, 2017

Vacation Photos Round II + Small Blog Update

Around last year I posted a couple compilations of photos that I took on a beach vacation. I ended up going there again and got some blog material to get back to posting regularly. I took a lot of photos of the sunset and got up early for the sunrise again. While I didn't make another Zelda sandcastle like last year, I did end up making a chair out of sand partially inspired by my actual chair not being able to recline. I also was able to do some actual art over the trip; I started using some pastels and I made a couple pastel paintings of sunset, sunrise, and a still life. However, to space out the artwork and to allow more room to critique, I will be putting each in separate blog posts. I am considering getting prints made and selling the pastel artwork and items screen, but with my current low following I don't know who would buy them and if it would be profitable.
3/4 view of sand chair; for more photos click here
Sunset photo; for all other photographs click here

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