Friday, August 11, 2017

Pastel - Beach Scene + Twitter

Here I have the first paper that I used my small set of 12 old Nupastels on. The top half is just me experimenting with the colors and learning some basic techniques. To test them out, I used my basic skills to pastel a basic scene, and because I was at the beach I just drew what I saw. For the sand I used a blend of yellow and peach, and I used the dark green and both blues for the ocean. I used a very small amount of the light blue for the sky, but because I used the top part of the page for testing colors, it collided and it didn't show up a lot compared to the brighter colors. I decided to add in a couple details, namely the umbrella, flag, and plane, but because I didn't plan to include those I had to use the white to over-paint it and it didn't show up well. I think that it turned out fine for my first time ever touching pastels.

In other news, I have recently made a Twitter account for the blog. I set up a couple bots to automatically tweet whenever I make a new blog post, and I will likely also use it for retweeting other art, music, and gaming things I find.

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