Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Live" Pastel - Sunrise + New Miscellaneous Photo

Pastel painting
The final pastel painting in the small pastel "series" is a drawing of a sunrise. Like last year, I woke up early to take photographs of the sunrise, and I decided to do another "live" pastel. On this one I got to play around more with the colors of both sand and a multi-colored sky. I used the same blend of yellow, brown, and black that I did for the sand on the testing paper. I also played around with the colors of the water, and I added some dark and light spots to imitate waves. The entire piece does seem a bit light for the time that I drew it at, but the colors still balance well. I like how I blended the sky colors and how the color intensity changes from one area to the next. For now this will be the last pastel that will be on the blog for a while, especially considering that school is starting soon. However, a couple pieces of art in a new medium are done and likely go on the blog in a couple of days. There is also a new photo in the Google Photos album for this year's vacation; Google Assistant made a stylized version of an existing photo and I put it up.
Original scene

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