Monday, August 14, 2017

"Live" Pastel - Second Sunset

Pastel artwork
The next pastel painting that I did is another sunset. I drew this when the weather cleared up more a day after I drew the last pastel. Even though I bought a larger set of pastels, I still used the Nupastels because they were quicker to blend and I didn't have to bring or set up as many supplies. Like the last sunset, I pastelled it in front of the actual scenery and was done in a relatively short amount of time. In this pastel I tried to blend colors together more and broaden the color "palette" that I was using. I also had to get used to these pastels again because they are much easier to blend. I tried to include the reflection of the sun, but because it blended in with the blue of the water it made the color muddier. Because this was drawn earlier in the sunset and on a clearer day, I was able to experiment more with the different colors of the sky rather than just a blue. I like how I created a gradient with the sky colors and added nice-looking clouds at the top. I wasn't sure how to include the sun in the drawing because of its brightness, so it doesn't look the best. This is the second to last pastel picture and this "series" will end tomorrow, but there is a new artwork I am working on which should be done sometime soon.
Original scene

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