Saturday, August 12, 2017

"Live" Pastel - First Sunset

Pastel painting
The first of my more presentable pastels is a drawing of a sunset. Because it was a clearer night, I was able to pastel the sunset against a real-life "model" as opposed to taking a picture, and I was able to draw the colors as I saw them in real life, hence "live." As a side effect, I had to work very fast to complete it before the sky changed any further, so this pastel painting was done in the span of around 20 minutes. I used the same set of Nupastels that I did for the testing paper. I already knew some basic shading techniques from last time around, so I utilized its properties to create interesting water and sky textures. I also blended a couple colors together to replicate the brown-gray of the pier on the left. However, I didn't plan on including the boat on the right so I didn't leave the area uncolored, but it still is noticeable as a boat. I also took a couple of pictures along with making the pastel.
Original scene

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