Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Grayscale Copic - Master Sword and Triforce

Picture with focus on objects
Over the last couple of months, I have gathered an assortment of Copic markers, which are alcohol-based artist markers. This drawing is actually an older one from when I only had a set of neutral grays and a thin pen, and I was testing them out to see how they worked. After playing around with them on a test paper, I decided to try to draw my "logo" of sorts, a Master Sword overlaid onto a Triforce. Because Copic markers blend with each other easily, I tried to use a lot of gradients for shading and highlight work, and this turned out very well. When first playing around with the markers, I noticed that they were much darker than the colors that I would normally use in other mediums, like pencil. I don't remember planning the shapes very much. so the blade is crooked and parts of the Triforce are not completely straight. Like pastels, I think that this first "test" drawing is very good for being so new to the medium. Because I drew the objects at an angle, parts of the background are cut off, which is why the above picture has cuts in the main picture and the rest of the paper in the background behind a drop shadow.
Full test paper

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