Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Colored Copic - Master Sword

Copic drawing, focused and overlayed
over entire piece of paper
The other Copic marker artwork I made was another drawing of the Master Sword. Like the last one, this drawing was also made as a test for me to learn how to use the set of colored and skin-tone Copic markers. I first filled in a little color wheel for reference on what the colors actually were and played around with blending and the liner pen. I decided to draw a Master Sword again because the color set came with 3 different blues, which allowed me to have a good values in the piece. For an extreme highlight (where the light source reflected) I used the lightest gray and tried to blend in some of the light blue, however I couldn't get it to spread outside of where I set the marker down. I used both greens in the handle to show more of the shading. There was only one yellow in the color set, but I used the orange, brown and the dark skin tone to get a darker shade. The blade was done entirely with the grayscale set that I used before; because there are so many shades I was able to obtain a good color balance without getting too dark. I also used the lighter grays to simulate a "glow" against a darker background. I currently can't get the full sheet up but expect an update later today with it on. In other news, post-it art will be starting in around a week, so expect less of the variety that I have been giving in the summer.

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