Monday, July 10, 2017

Expressions of Link - "Ecstatic"

Version without kana
After a very long break from digital art, I decided to continue my Expressions of Link series with "Ecstatic." As the name implies, I drew the face of a very happy Link. The original purpose of the Expressions of Link series was to experiment with eyes, and while I have done that, the main reason that I drew this was to experiment with my style. While I kept my usual filled-in line art approach, I decided to model the art style after manga drawings, using Mark Crilley's Mastering Manga book as sample images. To keep with the Japanese "authenticity," I also made a version with the Japanese kana "リンク~さん" (Rinku-san), meaning "Link." I kept with using a single layer for all of the coloring, which helped with the small blending I did around the shadow. I also spent lots of time picking out colors, making sure that they worked with each other and were true to life. The shadows do feel a little light and there's not as much base/shadow contrast as there was in my previous digital art. Overall, I think that it turned out pretty well. I apologize for not updating the blog for a long time; obligations, trips (with blog-potential photos), and misjudging the amount of time this would take contributed to the extended hiatus.
Version with kana