Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Post-it Art #31 - Quiver

The next ammo holder in Ocarina of Time is the Quiver, which holds arrows. In this one, I get to continue to experiment with different types of textures, namely metal, feathers, and wood. There are metal caps on the two ends of the quiver as well as a small piece on the upper half, and I decided to use shading with direct tones and little gradients. I wasn't able to tell exactly what the middle was made out of, so I drew a generic leather/wood material. It looks fine, but it looks like it stays light or too long and its transition to shadow is too quick. The feathers are a bit light, but still noticeable, and the wood seemed too thin to put any actual texture work into it. This might be the last post-it art for the school year, but I might have time in the next couple days to make one or two more.

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