Friday, March 24, 2017

Post-it Art #24 - Lon Lon Milk

The third bottle drawn is a bottle of Lon Lon Milk from Ocarina of Time. Despite what I have said earlier about not drawing the bottle to the highest detail on the other filled bottles, this post-it art is almost an exact copy of the original bottle. What is different is the Lon Lon Ranch label and the milk inside of the bottle. Unlike the Hylian on the claim check, which was just random symbols, the Hylian on the bottle is true to the original model. With the shading on the bottle it actually looks like there is milk in the bottle; I was worried because milk is a white liquid. I kept with the "reverse shading" from the last two bottles but it conflicts with the shading of the milk. I tried to add some special shading to the tops of the cork top and milk; it adds a bit of texture, which is nice.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Post-it Art #23 - Claim Check

This post-it art is of the Claim Check from Ocarina of Time. The spot in which the claim check is in can be occupied by multiple other items in its trading sequence, but because this is the final item I decided to draw this one. I'm debating whether to draw the other items in the sequence, and I'll likely do them if / when I finish the rest of the items and equipment. As for the item itself, the main detail on this one was the texture. I tried to put some texture on the sides, but it only seemed to show up on the sides and not the front. In the models I used it was unclear of whether the Biggoron Sword was sticking out, recessed, or just drawn on the front; I assumed it was recessed and it looks fine. Because of the way the stone is "cut" it looks like it curls up on the top left corner. The shadow might need some work; I find it to be not as good as some others.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Post-it Art #22 - Fairy

The first bottle-themed post-it art is of a fairy. The bottle top can be seen at the bottom of the post-it and the fairy is in the middle. I used the same "reverse shading" on the bottle this time and it still looks fine. I wasn't sure of how I would detail the wings so I put a leaf-like pattern on. I also added in a glow around the fairy to give a sense of emanating light. I do like how the fairy didn't have any harsh borders and how it faded into the background. There are only around five more items remaining before I complete the entire items menu. Hopefully I can get another one of these done tomorrow; I plan to do something special for the Ocarina of Time itself so that will likely be last.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Post-it Art #21 - Farore's Wind

The final spell post-it art is Farore's Wind. I continued the practice of making a spell effect around the diamond and I drew what are supposed to be gusts of wind swirling around the spell. I think that the drawing isn't as dark as the other ones in the post-it art series, even though I tried to add some darkness. Because of that it seems flat. In some parts the wind doesn't have the swirling effect as intended. I still have a backlog of post-it arts and this is my second to last one before I actually have to draw again.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Post-it Art #20 - Fire Arrow

The final arrow to be drawn is the Fire Arrow from Ocarina of Time. I ended up using the same fire effect from the Din's Fire post-it art, expect with smaller flames compensate for the smaller object. I tried to create a "dual shadow" effect by making two light sources, a generic one and the fire, and showing two shadows. It didn't seem to make a great effect but can still be seen in places. I also tried putting it in the arrowhead by only shading the outsides. It looks fine but I was still unsure exactly where the light source would be; it would technically be coming from the fire surrounding the arrowhead, which would mean that the entire surface was lit. I haven't been completely on top of updating the blog, but my schedule's starting to clear up and I'll finally be able to update whenever I want.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Post-it Art #19 - Nayru's Love

The next post-it art of a spell is of Nayru's Love. Unlike the first one, the spell effect surrounding the diamond itself didn't take forever. The shading on the diamond still has the effect and looks three-dimensional. I didn't know exactly how I should have done the effect, but with the multiple pieces coming together to create the single shield it looks nice. I had a bit of trouble with the shading of the spell sphere, there doesn't seem to be a lot of contrast.