Saturday, December 23, 2017

Digital Art - Tree Sketch 1

I decided to try making digital art again, and after testing out some brushes, I drew a tree. This new art is much different than my past digital work, and this is mainly because I tried new and different methods. My past digital art was essentially colored line art; I used a pen brush to make lines and added flat color. While I did create a sketch to work out the basic composition, I used a pencil shading brush with color for the majority of the piece. Unlike what I used before, I didn't put any pieces of the drawing itself on separate layers than others. I used a palette (shown above) and went through with highlights and shade multiple times. As a result, the work looks traditional. I used a paint-like brush for the back of the palette and signature and a rough sponge-like brunch to create a rough grass effect. I tried to make a "weathered" look to the canvas to make it feel less unnatural; I changed the background to a light yellow and created a texture on the paper. I also used an off-white for the paintbrush strokes. I liked the way that I was able to blend and use brushes to create texture and form. However, I'm not sure is these techniques will transfer to other subject matter. I think that trying something new worked out well, and I would like to continue making more in the future.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Post-it Art #36 - Zora Tunic

After a short art hiatus, this next post-it art is of the Zora Tunic from Ocarina of Time. The texture was one of the biggest challenges when making this post-it art. According to the game, the tunic is made out of fish gills. I took this to mean some vaguely skin-looking stranded muscle which was stitched together somehow. To recreate this, I made strips running along the tunic, filled in the rest, and used horizontal lines to suggest thread used to hold the tunic together. I also made the ends of the sleeves and body break off to create a ragged feel. Hopefully I will be able to get another post-it art done before the end of the year.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Pen - Manga-style Face Studies 3

Back when I drew the other manga faces, I also made another drawing which I never posted up on the blog. This was based off of the front view, but I tried to do more of the lines without using the book as a reference. As such, I feel like it isn't the best one that I ahve made so far. There seems to be too much of a space between the eyes, and this skews the looks of most of the other proportions. The hair is also a bit odd-looking or some reason, possibly the way that it was shaded. At the top there is a small sketch that I did to try to warm up before the second face study. For the last couple of posts, I have been taking a photo under natural light instead of scanning it to see how it turned out. Depending on how they look, I may or may not switch back to scanning.

Pens used –
 - Studio Series Micro-Line Pens (05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 005)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Pen - Manga-style Face Studies 2

I decided to continue in my manga-style face drawing series and draw a profile view of a face. As with before, I copied the steps from the same book, but I tried to do a bit more on my own. I used the same hairstyle which was used in the example, but I created my own lines for the hair rather than copying it stroke by stroke. Aside from an awkward spot in the top left, it turned out pretty well. I also decided to try soething else with the shading; I used a more flat shading technique rather than the smooth gradients that I normally use. I think that I am starting to understand the composition of the face and body parts at least a bit more after drawing these faces. Hopefully I will be able to continue with these sort of drawings; I had a lot of extra time because of the Thanksgiving break.

Pens used –
 - Studio Series Micro-Line Pens (05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 005)

Friday, November 24, 2017

Pen - Manga-style Face Studies 1

After a short while of not doing much drawing, I was inspired to try to learn how to draw faces and characters. This is my first manga face study from following the book Mastering Manga with Mark Crilley. i am not affiliated with mark crilley or impact books i am not an advertiser I started with a warm-up drawing of a pair of eyes and tested out the different pens. I moved on to two of the face views, where I copied the example and steps; I wanted to see how a more experienced artist composed the drawing. I did add shading which was not present in the originals; because of post-it art I feel comfortable with shading. I feel like there is improvement even from the first face I drew (left) to the second. The shading on the face is more subtle and looks less like facial hair, and the mouth and hair look more natural. Whenever I draw faces again I'll likely be experimenting with different styles; I would like to find what seems the most natural to me.

Pens used –
 - Studio Series Micro-Line Pens (05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 005)

Friday, November 17, 2017

Post-it Art #35 - Iron Boots

This next post-it art is a drawing of the Iron Boots from Ocarina of Time. This was actually done during this week, and most of the daily sketches were started and finished as this drawing was being made. In this piece, there were a couple textures that I got to play around with shading, namely the metal and leather. For the leather, I kept with using loose lines in different directions. For the metal, I tried to make a smoother texture and added sharper shading. I probably could've done the shading work on the front metal piece better; the light source was in an odd place to show the highlights. The crease marking on the side of the left boot looks a bit awkward and the shading on the overhand is a bit too dark. I like the way that I did the shadow; I blurred out the shadow as it got further away from the object.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

r/SketchDaily 16 Nov. - Dairy Products (Alt. Theme)

My third r/SketchDaily sketch is from the alternate theme "dairy products;" the second was a rough sketch posted on my Twitter which I will be re-drawing. For this prompt, I decided to draw a piece of cheese resting next to a glass of milk. Because this was a sketch and not a more polished drawing, this drawing does not have single, defined lines like most of my other pencil work. Instead, I use more of a "sketchy" style and use multiple, sometimes inaccurate lines to create shapes and shadows. For a sketch which only took around half an hour, I think it turned out well. The shadows are a little weird, especially on the glass, and I will try to fix this in future sketches.

Monday, November 13, 2017

r/SketchDaily 13 Nov. - Snowflakes (Alt. Theme)

After a very long hiatus five weeks wow, I have gotten back into making art and have made a small drawing of a snowflake. This was actually done from the subreddit r/SketchDaily alternate prompt, which was... snowflake. The lines are done with pen, and the blue color was made with a highlighter. I drew this on one of my white post-its in the span of around 15-20 minutes during lunch, and it turned out fine. As I have said on my Twitter, I have started making another main post-it art, so expect that on the blog hopefully in this week.

I would like to apologize again for going on a month-long hiatus again; I've been busy with life stuff again. Expect a barrage of daily content again followed by another hiatus.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Inktober 2017 - Day 6 "Sword"

I have decided to participate in the month-long Inktober pen art challenge. For now, I'm picking up on the day that I'm "joining" and will probably do days 1 through 5 in early November. Day 6's theme was "sword," so I decided to draw a sword against a dark background with parts of it being overtaken by the dark background. I used a variety of pens to create this drawing, and I had a lot of fun utilizing their different properties when making the drawing. For example, my thick brush pen was used to create the main lines, background, and the shading of the gem, while the thinner and lighter pigment pens were used for the smooth shading of the blade. While pen is somewhat similar to pencil, I still had to use an extra piece of paper to test out strokes and techniques, especially with the brush pen. I also included a small quote explaining the drawing and its connection to the theme. I think that I did a very good job for not using pen in a long time. However, even though I tried to make the drawing as symmetrical as I could, there are a couple of areas which are crooked and uneven.

I recorded myself drawing this and the video will hopefully be up tomorrow; I would have liked it to go up today but editing took a long time.

Pens used -
 - Copic Gasenfude Nylon Brush Pen
 - Copic Multiliner SP 0.5
 - Sketch Plan Pigment 01
 - Sketch Plan Pigment 005

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Post-it Art #34 - Golden Gauntlet

The next post-it art is of the Golden Gauntlet from Ocarina of Time. I kept with the theme of drawing the last item in a "series" for now (as seen with the Claim Check and Mask of Truth), but the design for the silver and gold versions are so similar it could be either one. This post-it at has a number of interesting textures, and I think that I captured them very well. I knew that I had problems with lighting in the last post-it art, so I made sure that I defined one and kept it. I especially like the highlight "strips" across the top of the metal plates. This post-it art was done a while ago, but I kept forgetting to make an actual post about it. I'm thinking of making a mixed-media autumn-themed series if I can get the time.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Post-it Art #33 - Goron Bracelet

The next post-it art of the new school year is of the Goron Bracelet. In this post-it art I was able to experiment with the shading of the metal and the shadow of the oddly-shaped object. While the shading itself looks fine, it doesn't seem to be in line with the rest of itself and the shadow. The highlight is right next to the shadow, and the details in the insets show highlights when it should have been completely shaded. The shadow itself looks good, and I thought that I did a good job of making a shadow of the three "spikes" on the top. In addition to making post-it art, I made some other pencil sketches for a class that I might put up here.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Post-it Art #32 - Silver Scale

The first post-it art after a long summer hiatus is the Silver Scale from Ocarina of Time. This was the first time that I worked with pencil for a while, so I had to get used to working with it again. The in-game model for the scale uses a glossy, reflective texture for the outside sphere, and this turned out to be one of the main challenges of the drawing. I replicated the "strips" of light running vertically across the sphere, but since it was white it was hard to make it pop out. I think that I did a good job with making the scale itself feel suspended in the ball, neither inside nor outside of it. This was supposed to go up earlier but I kept forgetting to actually scan the post-it in; there is another equipment post-it art being drawn now which should go up in a couple of days.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Colored Copic - Master Sword

Copic drawing, focused and overlayed
over entire piece of paper
The other Copic marker artwork I made was another drawing of the Master Sword. Like the last one, this drawing was also made as a test for me to learn how to use the set of colored and skin-tone Copic markers. I first filled in a little color wheel for reference on what the colors actually were and played around with blending and the liner pen. I decided to draw a Master Sword again because the color set came with 3 different blues, which allowed me to have a good values in the piece. For an extreme highlight (where the light source reflected) I used the lightest gray and tried to blend in some of the light blue, however I couldn't get it to spread outside of where I set the marker down. I used both greens in the handle to show more of the shading. There was only one yellow in the color set, but I used the orange, brown and the dark skin tone to get a darker shade. The blade was done entirely with the grayscale set that I used before; because there are so many shades I was able to obtain a good color balance without getting too dark. I also used the lighter grays to simulate a "glow" against a darker background. I currently can't get the full sheet up but expect an update later today with it on. In other news, post-it art will be starting in around a week, so expect less of the variety that I have been giving in the summer.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Grayscale Copic - Master Sword and Triforce

Picture with focus on objects
Over the last couple of months, I have gathered an assortment of Copic markers, which are alcohol-based artist markers. This drawing is actually an older one from when I only had a set of neutral grays and a thin pen, and I was testing them out to see how they worked. After playing around with them on a test paper, I decided to try to draw my "logo" of sorts, a Master Sword overlaid onto a Triforce. Because Copic markers blend with each other easily, I tried to use a lot of gradients for shading and highlight work, and this turned out very well. When first playing around with the markers, I noticed that they were much darker than the colors that I would normally use in other mediums, like pencil. I don't remember planning the shapes very much. so the blade is crooked and parts of the Triforce are not completely straight. Like pastels, I think that this first "test" drawing is very good for being so new to the medium. Because I drew the objects at an angle, parts of the background are cut off, which is why the above picture has cuts in the main picture and the rest of the paper in the background behind a drop shadow.
Full test paper

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Live" Pastel - Sunrise + New Miscellaneous Photo

Pastel painting
The final pastel painting in the small pastel "series" is a drawing of a sunrise. Like last year, I woke up early to take photographs of the sunrise, and I decided to do another "live" pastel. On this one I got to play around more with the colors of both sand and a multi-colored sky. I used the same blend of yellow, brown, and black that I did for the sand on the testing paper. I also played around with the colors of the water, and I added some dark and light spots to imitate waves. The entire piece does seem a bit light for the time that I drew it at, but the colors still balance well. I like how I blended the sky colors and how the color intensity changes from one area to the next. For now this will be the last pastel that will be on the blog for a while, especially considering that school is starting soon. However, a couple pieces of art in a new medium are done and likely go on the blog in a couple of days. There is also a new photo in the Google Photos album for this year's vacation; Google Assistant made a stylized version of an existing photo and I put it up.
Original scene

Monday, August 14, 2017

"Live" Pastel - Second Sunset

Pastel artwork
The next pastel painting that I did is another sunset. I drew this when the weather cleared up more a day after I drew the last pastel. Even though I bought a larger set of pastels, I still used the Nupastels because they were quicker to blend and I didn't have to bring or set up as many supplies. Like the last sunset, I pastelled it in front of the actual scenery and was done in a relatively short amount of time. In this pastel I tried to blend colors together more and broaden the color "palette" that I was using. I also had to get used to these pastels again because they are much easier to blend. I tried to include the reflection of the sun, but because it blended in with the blue of the water it made the color muddier. Because this was drawn earlier in the sunset and on a clearer day, I was able to experiment more with the different colors of the sky rather than just a blue. I like how I created a gradient with the sky colors and added nice-looking clouds at the top. I wasn't sure how to include the sun in the drawing because of its brightness, so it doesn't look the best. This is the second to last pastel picture and this "series" will end tomorrow, but there is a new artwork I am working on which should be done sometime soon.
Original scene

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pastel - Flower Still Life

Pastel painting
The first non-landscape pastel painting I made was a still life of flowers against bricks and a white mantle. This wasn't done with the Nupastels I used for the past two drawings; I went to an art store and bought a set of 48 oil pastels along with an accessory kit. After testing them out on a separate piece of paper, I decided to try them out by pastelling the small arrangement on the desk. I noticed that the new set of oil pastels were "thicker" than the ones I have been using in the sense that they didn't spread as easily using a finger and that a blending stick had to be used to get a smooth color output. I also tried using off-white colors for the "white" mantle to give more realism and room for highlights. Again, I didn't plan ahead for the flower placement so the left and right flowers are a different shade than the rest. I do like the way I used reflection to mimic a clear vase and water. I think it was a good first use of the oil pastels.
Original scene

Saturday, August 12, 2017

"Live" Pastel - First Sunset

Pastel painting
The first of my more presentable pastels is a drawing of a sunset. Because it was a clearer night, I was able to pastel the sunset against a real-life "model" as opposed to taking a picture, and I was able to draw the colors as I saw them in real life, hence "live." As a side effect, I had to work very fast to complete it before the sky changed any further, so this pastel painting was done in the span of around 20 minutes. I used the same set of Nupastels that I did for the testing paper. I already knew some basic shading techniques from last time around, so I utilized its properties to create interesting water and sky textures. I also blended a couple colors together to replicate the brown-gray of the pier on the left. However, I didn't plan on including the boat on the right so I didn't leave the area uncolored, but it still is noticeable as a boat. I also took a couple of pictures along with making the pastel.
Original scene

Friday, August 11, 2017

Pastel - Beach Scene + Twitter

Here I have the first paper that I used my small set of 12 old Nupastels on. The top half is just me experimenting with the colors and learning some basic techniques. To test them out, I used my basic skills to pastel a basic scene, and because I was at the beach I just drew what I saw. For the sand I used a blend of yellow and peach, and I used the dark green and both blues for the ocean. I used a very small amount of the light blue for the sky, but because I used the top part of the page for testing colors, it collided and it didn't show up a lot compared to the brighter colors. I decided to add in a couple details, namely the umbrella, flag, and plane, but because I didn't plan to include those I had to use the white to over-paint it and it didn't show up well. I think that it turned out fine for my first time ever touching pastels.

In other news, I have recently made a Twitter account for the blog. I set up a couple bots to automatically tweet whenever I make a new blog post, and I will likely also use it for retweeting other art, music, and gaming things I find.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Vacation Photos Round II + Small Blog Update

Around last year I posted a couple compilations of photos that I took on a beach vacation. I ended up going there again and got some blog material to get back to posting regularly. I took a lot of photos of the sunset and got up early for the sunrise again. While I didn't make another Zelda sandcastle like last year, I did end up making a chair out of sand partially inspired by my actual chair not being able to recline. I also was able to do some actual art over the trip; I started using some pastels and I made a couple pastel paintings of sunset, sunrise, and a still life. However, to space out the artwork and to allow more room to critique, I will be putting each in separate blog posts. I am considering getting prints made and selling the pastel artwork and items screen, but with my current low following I don't know who would buy them and if it would be profitable.
3/4 view of sand chair; for more photos click here
Sunset photo; for all other photographs click here

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Post-it Art - Items Menu Wrap-up

Completed items menu hung up in my bedroom.
After almost a full year after drawing the first post-it art, the items menu series has been finalized and framed. I've been thinking about making a proper display for the post-it arts for a while, but I only got around to it fairly recently. I made a Google Photos album with a handful of pictures I took while making it, and the comments I wrote on there show the thought process that I took while making it. I put in more work into the display than just gathering the post-its and positioning them; I also made the bars grouping the potion slots, arrows, and spells as well as the banner on top. As with all of my other work, I signed it and put a date range at the top. I'm glad that I was able to get all of this done in a single school year, and I hope that I will be able to things like this for this year. I apologize for not posting on the blog very often; there's not much of summer vacation left but I'll try to make a couple art posts before I'm back to post-it art.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Expressions of Link - "Ecstatic"

Version without kana
After a very long break from digital art, I decided to continue my Expressions of Link series with "Ecstatic." As the name implies, I drew the face of a very happy Link. The original purpose of the Expressions of Link series was to experiment with eyes, and while I have done that, the main reason that I drew this was to experiment with my style. While I kept my usual filled-in line art approach, I decided to model the art style after manga drawings, using Mark Crilley's Mastering Manga book as sample images. To keep with the Japanese "authenticity," I also made a version with the Japanese kana "リンク~さん" (Rinku-san), meaning "Link." I kept with using a single layer for all of the coloring, which helped with the small blending I did around the shadow. I also spent lots of time picking out colors, making sure that they worked with each other and were true to life. The shadows do feel a little light and there's not as much base/shadow contrast as there was in my previous digital art. Overall, I think that it turned out pretty well. I apologize for not updating the blog for a long time; obligations, trips (with blog-potential photos), and misjudging the amount of time this would take contributed to the extended hiatus.
Version with kana

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Post-it Art #31 - Quiver

The next ammo holder in Ocarina of Time is the Quiver, which holds arrows. In this one, I get to continue to experiment with different types of textures, namely metal, feathers, and wood. There are metal caps on the two ends of the quiver as well as a small piece on the upper half, and I decided to use shading with direct tones and little gradients. I wasn't able to tell exactly what the middle was made out of, so I drew a generic leather/wood material. It looks fine, but it looks like it stays light or too long and its transition to shadow is too quick. The feathers are a bit light, but still noticeable, and the wood seemed too thin to put any actual texture work into it. This might be the last post-it art for the school year, but I might have time in the next couple days to make one or two more.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Blog Update 2 - One Year of Lkj

Exactly one year ago, on 10 June 2016, I created the blog "lkjhgfdsa_77" and wrote the blog post "Hello.," as well as two digital art posts. Now, my blog has 63 posts, including a series of every single item in Ocarina of Time. Over that time, I have explored with countless media, dealt with many creative challenges, and continued to improve my more comfortable media.

I never thought I would make it this far. Before making this blog, I had a bad habit of forgetting about new projects and quitting them days or weeks after I thought of them, many times unaware of the damage I could have done to others. When starting this blog, I wanted to break this habit, and show to myself that I could keep a promise, that I could persevere, and I believe I have done that. Even with my newfound courage, maintaining it was not always easy. The commitments in the summer hindered me from giving my undivided attention to this blog, but it paled in comparison to what happened when school started. I found myself in a constant battle to make a choice – whether to give attention to the class or the post-it. The amount of homework I received, as well as the extracurricular activities I participated in, made it hard, if not impossible, to do any art at home. The art class I took, whose homework made it up here, might have saved the blog. Having almost no blog visitors also didn't help with my motivation, but it could just as well be my fault for not publicizing enough. But summer vacation is at the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am again reminded that situations are never permanent.

Over this year, I have gained many new non-blog interests, leading to four arrangements on the NinSheetMusic main site and my very own YouTube channel. I have expanded my musical and artistic repertoire and met amazing people along the way. However, despite all of the distractions that kept me from giving more attention to this blog, I still kept up with it, and that tells me a lot. Above all, it shows that I have finally outgrown my old habit and I know now that I can accomplish anything I want to do. The blog may have come second to other activities, but it still survives.

Despite this long, heartfelt, retrospective blog talk, I do not plan to abandon this blog. It will be a challenge to try to fit everything I would like to do into my schedule, but with summer coming up soon I don't know if it will be easy or hard. Hopefully digital art will make a comeback, and I will make larger, more elaborate works worthy of my increased free time. As for next school year, I will likely continue with the Ocarina of Time post-it arts and move on to a second series if I have to.

I am safe to say that I have come a long way both in my art and my mind.

Post-it Art #30 - Deku Seed Bag

The next post-it art, and the first of an ammo holder, is the Deku Seed Bag from Ocarina of Time. The seed bag is primarily made out of leather, which gave me another excuse to practice the leather texture. Instead of starting the small "scales" on the leather, I tried varying the direction of the pencil strokes, which is something I don't do normally. I think that it still resulted in a decent leather texture. I also paid attention to the shadows of the strings on either side as well as the subtle crease marks and loops on where the strings close the bag. I put shading on the bottom of the bag to signify seeds being in the bag, as well as part of the top which was folding over. Today is also the one-year anniversary of this blog, so I'll also be making a celebratory post.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Post-it Art #29 - Kokiri Tunic

The second post-it art in the exclusively-equipment series is the Kokiri Tunic. This rounds off all of the starting equipment received at the beginning of the game. Being a tunic, the main challenge in drawing this post-it art was creating a realistic fabric texture. I first created an outline of the tunic and mapped out where the creases and folds would go. I then added a crosshatching texture over the entire tunic to mimic threading, and I added shadows and highlights as well as creases. To show that it was specifically the Kokiri Tunic I added pieces of grass and clovers coming off of the tunic, but these have overshadowed the more subtle creases. I was unable to find a good reference of clothing laid flat on a surface, so much of the crease patterns were original. The problems with the fabric are likely why this one took so long, but with the end of the school year coming I should have enough time to make a few more.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Post-it Art #28 - Kokiri Boots

The next piece of equipment from Ocarina of Time is the Kokiri Boots. On this one there was a variety of textures that needed to be shown clearly, such as the leather which makes up the outside. The inside of the boot which wraps around to the outside is never shown to be fur (and many models display it as leather), but I put it in for some more contrast in shading and texture. I have never properly drawn fur before so I didn't know any specific techniques. I tried to balance the shading on both the surface and the fur and it turned out nicely. I didn't look at any pictures of leather so I didn't know exactly which direction to go in; I added some subtle lines to emulate the "scales" shown on leather. I even added some crease lines around the heels and toes. For the sole I went with a cork-like texture (again not based on any model) and used stippling for the texture. I haven't been putting the most focus into this blog, but I'll try to keep up with the post-it arts.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Piano Cover - "Lanayru Sand Sea" from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

After arranging "Lanayru Sand Sea" I decided to make a performance video of myself playing it. After a long while of video editing and waiting for rendering, the video is finally up on my YouTube channel. I wrote a lot about the editing process in the description so I won't go into too much detail here. As I said in the description, I didn't have much time to rehearse due to a project, so there are a few pauses in the playing. I might reupload in the future with a better recording. I myself am proud of seeing this arrangement through to the end; I helped it go from an arrangement to a semi-professional performance.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Digital Design - YouTube Channel Art

Full YouTube channel art, PC and phone art is a cropped version of this
After one photo shoot, two white background removals, two mystery fonts, three file types, and fifteen layers, my YouTube channel art is finally complete. I tried to cover all that I would ever put on my YouTube channel, showing a photo of my own cello (with a synthetic shadow), a post-it art (real shadow), digital art, and sheet music. It was a challenge fitting all of the important information in the center area despite having a full 2K size to work with; even though not many people will be able to view the full channel art, I still wanted to have a creative way of using the entire space. To achieve this, I put the cello widthwise on the right-hand side which will show the strings when cropped. I also put the "Lanayru Sand Sea" arrangement as the background, which conveniently shows a measure system properly when cropped. I borrowed the translucent text backing from some earlier business cards I made and let it fade out for a modern flair. I even added in a vignette for good measure. Overall it turned out very nicely and I'm proud of it being on the channel.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Post-it Art #27 - Ocarina of Time

The titular ocarina from Ocarina of Time makes the final main item post-it art. Unlike all of the other post-it arts so far, I have decided to use color on this one because it is such an integral item in the game. I ended up using my standard mechanical pencil, the blue colored mechanical pencil graphite, and two yellow colored pencils. I think that the color adds to the overall presentation and contrast of the ocarina, and mixing in standard graphite worked very well for shading. Wile drawing this one I remembered the Hylian Shield which I drew when I first got the colored mechanical pencils and how the color seemed too desaturated; I tried to add more color and it worked out very well. I added in the Song of Time on a music staff for extra decoration. At first I forgot to include the band around the mouthpiece (and I got to the point where I was about to put it into the post!), so there might be a bit of extra blue in the band. For effect I added a reflection of the band on the ocarina, and I think that it looks very nice and adds a sense of realism. As promised within the next week or two I will post a main-series wrap-up with all 24 item post-it arts (excluding Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield) in their proper positions. A big thanks to all of my viewers for supporting me and sticking around!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Post-it Art #26 - Mask of Truth

The other final trading sequence item from Ocarina of Time is the Mask of Truth. As the mask was curved and had little definite lines, the shading was very important, and I think that I did well on the shading. There seems to be a consistent light source throughout the mask. I attempted to add a light reflection down the middle of the mask but it seemed to only show up on the bottom half. I tried to put in some specialized shading in the mouth hole; I didn't have a definite material that the mask was on so I drew in a simple gradient. I apologize for not posting at all for the last two weeks; the last main post-it art is already drawn and will likely go up tomorrow. I plan to do a few mini-series of the other quest and bottled items for the remainder of the school year.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Post-it Art #25 - Blue Fire

The final bottle post-it art is of Blue Fire from Ocarina of Time. In this one I decided to get a close-up of the fire inside the bottle, but it looks odd because the bottle covers up the entire post-it. I tried hard to make the blue fire distinct from the rest of the bottle, especially considering that it is "inside" the bottle. I did the reverse shading and attempted to make a reflection effect. The fire "source" seems to be too dark for the rest of the blue fire. I had trouble with the edge of the bottle on the right side; it was hard to get it to look like the actual edge.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Post-it Art #24 - Lon Lon Milk

The third bottle drawn is a bottle of Lon Lon Milk from Ocarina of Time. Despite what I have said earlier about not drawing the bottle to the highest detail on the other filled bottles, this post-it art is almost an exact copy of the original bottle. What is different is the Lon Lon Ranch label and the milk inside of the bottle. Unlike the Hylian on the claim check, which was just random symbols, the Hylian on the bottle is true to the original model. With the shading on the bottle it actually looks like there is milk in the bottle; I was worried because milk is a white liquid. I kept with the "reverse shading" from the last two bottles but it conflicts with the shading of the milk. I tried to add some special shading to the tops of the cork top and milk; it adds a bit of texture, which is nice.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Post-it Art #23 - Claim Check

This post-it art is of the Claim Check from Ocarina of Time. The spot in which the claim check is in can be occupied by multiple other items in its trading sequence, but because this is the final item I decided to draw this one. I'm debating whether to draw the other items in the sequence, and I'll likely do them if / when I finish the rest of the items and equipment. As for the item itself, the main detail on this one was the texture. I tried to put some texture on the sides, but it only seemed to show up on the sides and not the front. In the models I used it was unclear of whether the Biggoron Sword was sticking out, recessed, or just drawn on the front; I assumed it was recessed and it looks fine. Because of the way the stone is "cut" it looks like it curls up on the top left corner. The shadow might need some work; I find it to be not as good as some others.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Post-it Art #22 - Fairy

The first bottle-themed post-it art is of a fairy. The bottle top can be seen at the bottom of the post-it and the fairy is in the middle. I used the same "reverse shading" on the bottle this time and it still looks fine. I wasn't sure of how I would detail the wings so I put a leaf-like pattern on. I also added in a glow around the fairy to give a sense of emanating light. I do like how the fairy didn't have any harsh borders and how it faded into the background. There are only around five more items remaining before I complete the entire items menu. Hopefully I can get another one of these done tomorrow; I plan to do something special for the Ocarina of Time itself so that will likely be last.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Post-it Art #21 - Farore's Wind

The final spell post-it art is Farore's Wind. I continued the practice of making a spell effect around the diamond and I drew what are supposed to be gusts of wind swirling around the spell. I think that the drawing isn't as dark as the other ones in the post-it art series, even though I tried to add some darkness. Because of that it seems flat. In some parts the wind doesn't have the swirling effect as intended. I still have a backlog of post-it arts and this is my second to last one before I actually have to draw again.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Post-it Art #20 - Fire Arrow

The final arrow to be drawn is the Fire Arrow from Ocarina of Time. I ended up using the same fire effect from the Din's Fire post-it art, expect with smaller flames compensate for the smaller object. I tried to create a "dual shadow" effect by making two light sources, a generic one and the fire, and showing two shadows. It didn't seem to make a great effect but can still be seen in places. I also tried putting it in the arrowhead by only shading the outsides. It looks fine but I was still unsure exactly where the light source would be; it would technically be coming from the fire surrounding the arrowhead, which would mean that the entire surface was lit. I haven't been completely on top of updating the blog, but my schedule's starting to clear up and I'll finally be able to update whenever I want.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Post-it Art #19 - Nayru's Love

The next post-it art of a spell is of Nayru's Love. Unlike the first one, the spell effect surrounding the diamond itself didn't take forever. The shading on the diamond still has the effect and looks three-dimensional. I didn't know exactly how I should have done the effect, but with the multiple pieces coming together to create the single shield it looks nice. I had a bit of trouble with the shading of the spell sphere, there doesn't seem to be a lot of contrast.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Post-it Art #18 - Empty Bottle

The nineteenth (remember #A) post-it art is an empty bottle based of off the Ocarina of Time model. Because there are multiple bottles in the items menu, this will function as the empty bottle and other post-it arts will feature the item inside the bottle more than the bottle itself. Before this I never had much experience with drawing glass at a realistic level, but the techniques that I tried seemed to pay off nicely. I tried shading the glass inversely (the areas highlighted would be shaded and vice versa, compare to the cork top); it turned out to look semi-natural, especially with the reflection on the left side. I was also worried about drawing the shadow of a largely clear object, but by shading the outsides a nice effect could be achieved. Because I have two other post-it arts completed but not yet posted I will likely write the posts for them and release them a day or so after this one. This would just be for spacing reasons and not having a triple post followed by a two-week-long hiatus.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Post-it Art #17 - Ice Arrow

The next post-it art is of the Ice Arrow. I had a bit of trouble creating a block of ice around the arrow, but in the end it turned out fine. I also had trouble with the shading and shadow of the ice, I never looked at a reference of ice shadows so I went with whatever came to mind. This post-it art was an experiment in terms of those shading techniques. The items submenu is surprisingly close to done and I will likely focus on completing those before working more on the equipment. I may or may not do something special for the Ocarina, I would like to let it fit normally but it is the main item of the game. Speaking of the ocarina, I might dig up the old Spiritual Stone project if I have time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Post-it Art #16 - Din's Fire

The first spell to be acquired and drawn, Din's Fire is the next post-it art. To differentiate it from the other spells, I decided to draw fire in a sphere surrounding it. It ended up taking a very long time, but it created a good effect. What I like about the spell "diamond" itself is that because of the shading, it's not entirely possible to tell which side is on top, which creates a Necker cube-style effect. At first the fire wasn't exactly circle-shaped, and the attempts at fixing it can be seen on the "long" ends of the object, especially in the top right. Because of the length and detail I will likely not do a spell for a while, and because many of the "main" items are already drawn I will be turning my focus to the variants such as the arrows and bottles.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sheet Music - "Princess Zelda" from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap and "Opening" from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

This is another announcement that two new arrangements, "Princess Zelda" and "Opening," are now on the main NinSheetMusic. They can again be found in the Zelda section by scrolling down. My arranger-specific page is automatically updated any time a new arrangement of mine is accepted onto the site.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Post-it Art #15 - Deku Stick

This post-it art is a Deku Stick from Ocarina of Time. I think that because of the simple shape, it turned out very well. The textures and shape look natural, and the leaves look surprisingly good. I didn't use a specific model to draw it and I drew a few more leaves then what was origimally on it. This only took a day of work, likely because of the little shading needed compared to past post-it arts. The end goal of all items and equipment seems a small amount more in reach with the momentum that I now have.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Post-it Art #14 - Deku Nut

The next post-it art goes back to the Child Link portion of Ocarina of Time with a Deku Nut. I realized that these were on the items menu and I haven't done these yet, so expect the Deku Stick soon. I think that the texture of the Deku Nut didn't come out so well; I was trying to replicate it but I probably didn't do it in the most efficient and attentive way. The shading seems okay, especially on the top half. I also attempted to make a "pow" effect surrounding it, but by erasing parts of the signature and date it lost a bit of its effect. I might go over this one again before putting it on the nonexistent items menu replica.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Post-it Art #13 - Bombchu

This post-it art is of a Bombchu from Ocarina of Time. On this one I had trouble with getting the shape of the mask right, and it went through many revisions before it got to its present state. I also had trouble with shading the body, because there are no straight lines anywhere in the drawing I had trouble with getting the shading to look like a three-dimensional object. I tried creating an afterimage effect to symbolize that it was moving with mixed success and visibility. I have renewed spirit for posting on the blog so expect post-it art more frequently.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Post-it Art #12 - Lens of Truth

The next post-it art is the Lens of Truth from Ocarina of Time. In this one I also included a small background with the lens showing a hidden door on an otherwise blank wall. I like the way that I shaded in the lens and it created a nice glass effect. However, all of the background walls and the lens frame are the same shade so there's no post-it wise contrast. Hopefully I can get the rest of the Ocarina of Time post-it arts done by the end of the school year so a recreation of the items and equipment menu can be made.