Friday, December 23, 2016

Colored Pencil - Ocarina Tessellation

I managed to remember about my blog for the second day in a row and post a tessellation of an ocarina. This was actually part of a math project where I had to create a tessellation and write a paper about tessellations. I decided to use an ocarina shape as my object so it could tie into the Zelda theme of this blog. I couldn't find a way to tesselate a normal-shaped ocarina, so I added the "wing" on the side (as well as the square corner) to let it tessellate perfectly. I minimized its effect by heavily shading the areas down to refine the shape. The general process was to shade in the edges and holes and then to pick two colors, a main and a darker shadow, and color in the body, adding highlights. I noticed that the further that I went out from the central Ocarina of Time, the sloppier the ocarinas have gotten, but this might be because of myself getting tired and bored. This was also both one of the most repetitive and largest drawings that I have done, so that might have added to the sloppiness.

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