Saturday, October 29, 2016

Art Homework - My Story

This week's art homework was to create an entry into the PTA Reflections program, with the theme "What is Your Story?". I showed mine with various objects that represented my interests - the Triforce and N64 console (lower right) for gaming, the compass and Hilbert curve for mathematics, the pencil set for art, and the sheet music for... music. With this one I tried using different mediums for each of the different objects; the Triforce was painted with gouache (a paint resembling an opaque watercolor), the Hilbert curve and sheet music was drawn with marker (with pencil shading), and the pencils and N64 was drawn with colored pencils. All shadows were done with pencil. I think that because of the intensity the Triforce stands out a lot compared to the compass and N64. The N64 doesn't resemble itself the best because of the small area that was shown, however the scanner cut off the Nintendo logo I put on the original. Overall I think that it was good for me to use mediums that I never used before and try a new style of art.

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