Sunday, October 30, 2016

Expressions of Link - "Blanked Out"

I decided to start a new digital art series so I can learn to draw eyes in a cartoonish style. Because almost everything else on this blog revolves around Zelda, I decided to use the Ocarina of Time Link as a model, because I happen to have the manga book. After copying some eyes found in the book in Krita, I tried a entire face on my own, with the theme of "blanked out". I think that it ended up turning out well, especially after such a long break from digital art. Aside from the facial expression, I tried a different style of shading and put the shading directly on the color layer rather than having a separate shading layer. This makes my shading a bit more realistic because it does not show a direct transition to black, as my previous digital art showed. However I feel that the eyebrows could have been made thicker.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Art Homework - My Story

This week's art homework was to create an entry into the PTA Reflections program, with the theme "What is Your Story?". I showed mine with various objects that represented my interests - the Triforce and N64 console (lower right) for gaming, the compass and Hilbert curve for mathematics, the pencil set for art, and the sheet music for... music. With this one I tried using different mediums for each of the different objects; the Triforce was painted with gouache (a paint resembling an opaque watercolor), the Hilbert curve and sheet music was drawn with marker (with pencil shading), and the pencils and N64 was drawn with colored pencils. All shadows were done with pencil. I think that because of the intensity the Triforce stands out a lot compared to the compass and N64. The N64 doesn't resemble itself the best because of the small area that was shown, however the scanner cut off the Nintendo logo I put on the original. Overall I think that it was good for me to use mediums that I never used before and try a new style of art.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Post-it Art #7 - Hookshot

I managed to create a new post-it art again, this time of the hookshot from Ocarina of Time. In this one I knew that it was mainly a cylinder, but I think that the shading seems to centered and the light appears to be coming head-on. I also think that I could have created a more metallic effect along the body of the hookshot. I continued using the same shading technique that I used for most of the post-it arts.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Art Homework - "Auto-Pilot" License Plate

This art homework required me to create a vanity license plate, but I created a pun out of it so it would read AUTO-Pilot. (assuming that whoever had such license plate used it on a Honda Pilot) I decided to put a plane on the license plate because autopilot could refer to a plane even though it was a car and "state of flight" came from there. On this one I tried to focus on the shading of the metal license plate and model name. At some points it is hard to distinguish the "Pilot" lettering from the metal background shading, which may have prompted me to do what I did in the Pedestal of Time post-it art. Note that I finished this on October 9th and the Pedestal of Time, published before this, was completed on October 14th.

Post-it Art #6 - Pedestal of Time

I was finally able to create another post-it art, and this time it is the Pedestal of Time. I decided to not draw the Master Sword itself because it is featured in multiple games and looks very similar to other depictions of itself. It is also a major item as opposed to past post-it arts. On this one I experimented with adding a small white space on the line between the pedestal and the Triforce symbol in the back to help differentiate the darker color of the symbol with the darker shading present on the right of the pedestal. I put the post-it in the scanner crooked and I had to rotate the image so it would display at the correct angle. Hopefully a seventh post-it art before the end of the year...

Monday, October 3, 2016

Styrofoam Cup - King of Red Lions

This week I had to cut a Styrofoam cup. Six cups, one container of Elmer's glue and one X-Acto Knife later, I made a model of the King of Red Lions from The Wind Waker. Overall, I think that I did a good job considering I have never made art out of a Styrofoam cup. However, some limitations of the homework assignment, such as having to include exactly all of the parts of the cup, got in the way of making it look even better. I may upload a template later if I find the time, but I have also been busy arranging for NSM.

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