Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pencil - Kokiri's Emerald (OoT 1/5)

Photograph of the Emerald up close.
Now that Skyward Sword is done I started to play Ocarina of Time. Right now I am on the Fire Temple but I was able to stop playing to make a drawing related to the game. This will eventually be part of a larger drawing containing all 3 Spiritual Stones, the Ocarina of Time, and a Triforce in the background (but we both know what happened to the last drawing series so it might not happen). The new experiences don't have to stop as I also received a set of drawing pencils  I am proud of the shading work on this one, but because of the small size of the drawing and the lower picture quality of the scanner, the picture quality is okay and I am trying to find a way to make my pencil drawing scans look better.

Scan of the entire paper plus me testing out the pencils.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Digital Art - Graphics Tablet Test

There is no other reason that I am putting this up other than it looked good. I'm not even going to critique.

Digital Art - Link with Graphics Tablet

This drawing was made to celebrate my new ownership of a Wacom graphics tablet! With the new tablet, I feel like the style that I have made has changed, and I feel that I am using the tools differently with the pen's pressure sensor which I could not use with a mouse. To me it looks much more "strokey" than before and I found the face to be... okay. I decided to stylize Link after the one in Four Swords Adventures. When I originally sketched it I made the head to small and made Link a righty, so, uhhmm, yeah that happened. Tell me what you think (my one viewer).

Monday, July 4, 2016

Multicolor Pencil - US Flag

This I drew for the sake of putting something up on the blog. It exists because I have not posted in a week, I am messing around in Linux, and I am too lazy to make more digital art. It is also Independence Day in America so I decided on a flag. It was also convenient that I had only red and blue colored mechanical pencils. I also decided that it has to be accurate to an actual flag, which took a while and many tries in getting the 13 stripes and star placement right.