Monday, December 26, 2016

Pen - Ink Angles

This is another art homework assignment which I am putting up on the blog over a month after I drew it. The assignment was to draw an object from 12 different angles, with each not showing the entire object. I decided to use a random book which was lying around because a book can be shown open and closed; this made it into the final product. The squares, when "read" left-to-right and top-to-bottom, reveal a simple narrative about finding, buying, and reading a book. The purpose of the assignment was to experiment with different shading techniques with ink, and this can be seen in the variety of textures used. While in most of the boxes the shading seems to be good, in some (like the third and fourth down on the right column) it seems to be a bit flat. I also noticed that the top-rightmost box seems to have a higher ink density than the rest, which might be a side effect of not showing the white book or pages.

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa, and happy holidays to all that read my blog!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Colored Pencil - Ocarina Tessellation

I managed to remember about my blog for the second day in a row and post a tessellation of an ocarina. This was actually part of a math project where I had to create a tessellation and write a paper about tessellations. I decided to use an ocarina shape as my object so it could tie into the Zelda theme of this blog. I couldn't find a way to tesselate a normal-shaped ocarina, so I added the "wing" on the side (as well as the square corner) to let it tessellate perfectly. I minimized its effect by heavily shading the areas down to refine the shape. The general process was to shade in the edges and holes and then to pick two colors, a main and a darker shadow, and color in the body, adding highlights. I noticed that the further that I went out from the central Ocarina of Time, the sloppier the ocarinas have gotten, but this might be because of myself getting tired and bored. This was also both one of the most repetitive and largest drawings that I have done, so that might have added to the sloppiness.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Post-it Art #A - Triangle Aperture

After a long break I have finally decided to try and revive the blog and post more art. This post-it art is not one of the items from Ocarina of Time (hence the number A) but just a geometric drawing of triangles forming to make a pentagon series. This is off from the art that I normally post on here and I would like to expand my art style. I think that the shading on the triangles is nice and creates a feeling of depth. However, I did not use a ruler or protractor for the angles and as a result they are a bit off. I have a lot of art that I haven't posted yet and I decided that I will try to post one every day for the next couple days to space out the blog posts.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Post-it Art #10 - Fairy Bow

The tenth post-it art is of the Fairy Bow from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This one showed a variety of textures such as the wood frame, the fabric (?) arrow notch and grip, the metal border between the two, and the string. I think that I was able to show some of the difference between the textures. The shading seems to be nice, but it looks much darker on the bottom end of the bow. This may have been because I had previously used an artist pencil set for homework, where I was using particularly light pencils, instead of the HB mechanical pencil that I use for the post-it art. The homework in question is a three-part facial feature study, which will likely be posted in the end of December.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Post-it Art #8-9 - Magic Beans and Light Arrow

Post-it Art #8 - Magic Beans
I finally got around to scanning my post-it art to put it on the blog, and there are two new post-it arts to show: the Magic Beans and the Light Arrow. The magic beans were drawn in the space of a single period and after sitting in my planner for around 20 days the pencil has started to fade a little. The light arrow actually started out a fire arrow before I realized my inability to draw fire. An art project is due on Monday which will likely also go up.
Post-it Art #9 - Light Arrow

Monday, November 21, 2016

Sheet Music - "Lanayru Sand Sea" from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

This blog post is an announcement that my piano arrangement of "Lanayru Sand Sea" from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has been accepted and it is now on the main site. You can find it here by clicking on the "Legend of Zelda" section and scrolling down to find my sheet. Alternatively the site also generates a list of arrangements by arranger which will automatically get updated as their arrangements are put onto the site; mine can be found here. There is some new post-it art which may or may not come today as well as some school projects which I put way too much effort into.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Expressions of Link - "Blanked Out"

I decided to start a new digital art series so I can learn to draw eyes in a cartoonish style. Because almost everything else on this blog revolves around Zelda, I decided to use the Ocarina of Time Link as a model, because I happen to have the manga book. After copying some eyes found in the book in Krita, I tried a entire face on my own, with the theme of "blanked out". I think that it ended up turning out well, especially after such a long break from digital art. Aside from the facial expression, I tried a different style of shading and put the shading directly on the color layer rather than having a separate shading layer. This makes my shading a bit more realistic because it does not show a direct transition to black, as my previous digital art showed. However I feel that the eyebrows could have been made thicker.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Art Homework - My Story

This week's art homework was to create an entry into the PTA Reflections program, with the theme "What is Your Story?". I showed mine with various objects that represented my interests - the Triforce and N64 console (lower right) for gaming, the compass and Hilbert curve for mathematics, the pencil set for art, and the sheet music for... music. With this one I tried using different mediums for each of the different objects; the Triforce was painted with gouache (a paint resembling an opaque watercolor), the Hilbert curve and sheet music was drawn with marker (with pencil shading), and the pencils and N64 was drawn with colored pencils. All shadows were done with pencil. I think that because of the intensity the Triforce stands out a lot compared to the compass and N64. The N64 doesn't resemble itself the best because of the small area that was shown, however the scanner cut off the Nintendo logo I put on the original. Overall I think that it was good for me to use mediums that I never used before and try a new style of art.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Post-it Art #7 - Hookshot

I managed to create a new post-it art again, this time of the hookshot from Ocarina of Time. In this one I knew that it was mainly a cylinder, but I think that the shading seems to centered and the light appears to be coming head-on. I also think that I could have created a more metallic effect along the body of the hookshot. I continued using the same shading technique that I used for most of the post-it arts.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Art Homework - "Auto-Pilot" License Plate

This art homework required me to create a vanity license plate, but I created a pun out of it so it would read AUTO-Pilot. (assuming that whoever had such license plate used it on a Honda Pilot) I decided to put a plane on the license plate because autopilot could refer to a plane even though it was a car and "state of flight" came from there. On this one I tried to focus on the shading of the metal license plate and model name. At some points it is hard to distinguish the "Pilot" lettering from the metal background shading, which may have prompted me to do what I did in the Pedestal of Time post-it art. Note that I finished this on October 9th and the Pedestal of Time, published before this, was completed on October 14th.

Post-it Art #6 - Pedestal of Time

I was finally able to create another post-it art, and this time it is the Pedestal of Time. I decided to not draw the Master Sword itself because it is featured in multiple games and looks very similar to other depictions of itself. It is also a major item as opposed to past post-it arts. On this one I experimented with adding a small white space on the line between the pedestal and the Triforce symbol in the back to help differentiate the darker color of the symbol with the darker shading present on the right of the pedestal. I put the post-it in the scanner crooked and I had to rotate the image so it would display at the correct angle. Hopefully a seventh post-it art before the end of the year...

Monday, October 3, 2016

Styrofoam Cup - King of Red Lions

This week I had to cut a Styrofoam cup. Six cups, one container of Elmer's glue and one X-Acto Knife later, I made a model of the King of Red Lions from The Wind Waker. Overall, I think that I did a good job considering I have never made art out of a Styrofoam cup. However, some limitations of the homework assignment, such as having to include exactly all of the parts of the cup, got in the way of making it look even better. I may upload a template later if I find the time, but I have also been busy arranging for NSM.

yeah html tables i did not learn from playing around with forum bbcode

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pencil - Left and Right Brain

The third art homework is a drawing of the left and right brain and showing the differences between them I went for a more abstract view and decided to only use straight lines for the left half and used curves for the right half. The scanner decided not to cooperate so the chessboard with "strategy" on it did not come out very good. As for the art itself I think that the shading could use a bit more touch-up work and an actual shadow on the brain itself. This blog post will end the second longest post-to-post time (only to Kokiri's Emerald - Goron's Ruby), and sadly I have not had a lot of time to do post-it art in school. I have plans for non-school-related art and other material for this blog but for the time being I have a choice between school and art and school is my choice for now.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Marker and Watercolor Pencil - "Art Tips"

Another art homework today, this drawing is a rules of art poster. On this one I tried to use different mediums than the standard pencil that I normally use. I think that the marker designs in the "Art Tips" header turned out well, but the watercolor pencil in the background, save probably the blue splotch, didn't come out very well. The sketchbook paper is probably too thin for watercolor, with the thickness being 50 lb and watercolor paper being around 140 lb.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Colored Pencil - Color Wheel Hylian Shield

This drawing was created for an art homework for school and the assignment was to create a color wheel design. I chose a Hylian Shield, based off of the Twilight Princess design, and I created the color wheel with the gray metal framing centered on the Triforce.  I used a combination of my Derwent artist pencil set, my Staedtler colored pencils, and a pack of Crayola colored pencils. I think that it turned out very well. I was able to create a good lighting effect in the blue material in the body of the shield, which I used this model for. I felt I had some trouble in the lower right-hand side of the blue, where I used a black colored pencil to create a shadowed effect. I think that the shading also went well, and I liked how I made a darker edge along the inner part of the shadow. One thing I was concerned about was the blue part of the color wheel blending in with the blue body of the shield, but I put in gray around the entire wheel seemed to counter that problem. I will hopefully put up whatever other art homework I have as a supplement to the post-it art.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Post-it Art #4-5 - Bomb Bag & Bomb and Boomerang

Post-it Art #4 - Bomb Bag and Bomb
Now that I have the time to create blog posts I can now share my two latest post-it arts, which are the boomerang and bomb bag. As for the bomb bag, I think that it ended up looking more like a trash bag, but I do like the shading. Somehow water got on the boomerang so it didn't like how it scanned in, but I feel like that it had good shading on it even though it was very light.
Post-it Art #5 - Boomerang

Monday, September 5, 2016

Post-it Art #3 - Fairy Slingshot

O noes my date says August 2 instead of September 2
My third post-it art (that I am posting 3 days after I made it) is the Fairy Slingshot, again from Ocarina of Time. I believe on this one the main focus of the detail is the many different surfaces found on the item, such as the wood, rope, leather, and plastic. I feel like I did a good job with the shadows which I have been working on for the entire series, however I feel that my wood texture could use some work. Post-it Art #4 is coming, I have had... problems with losing my post-its.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Post-it Art #2 - Deku Shield

The second post-it art is a Deku shield to go along with the previous Kokiri sword. Throughout both of my post-it arts I have tried using more displaced shadows and shadow edge blurring to create an effect of height. In this one I focused on the shading of the Kokiri emblem as well as trying to create a reflection.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Post-it Art #1 - Kokiri Sword and Sheath

My first post-it art for this school year is of the Kokiri Sword and its sheath. This has been my first time working with mechanical pencils for a while and I feel like I will have to get adjusted to having a finer tip. If I can I will try to also use my wider mechanical pencil (heard of last in my Hylian shield drawing in June) to create better shadow effects. This worked out well so expect another one tomorrow.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Blog Update

With school coming up and my current level of interest in this blog I am concerned about the future of this blog. I have created a plan for some in-school art, which is to take a post-it notes (i have white ones hehe) and draw something (probably a Zelda thing) on it. This is a better idea than a notebook because it is smaller and more discreet, it is much more portable (my notebook system uses one per subject), there are no pesky lines that would get in the way, and it is much easier to scan a post-it than it is to scan a notebook. I would hopefully get one done every day or two and they would go up if I can find time. This will probably mean no digital art for most of the school year. I hope that it will work and I can keep the blog running until next summer.

Vacation Photos and Zelda Sandcastles

I was on vacation for a few days and I found a way to put it into my blog. The sunrise photos involved me waking up at 5:30 in the morning and going to the beach to take them before the sun rose. The sunset photos were much easier to get. I also made two Skyward Sword-themed sandcastles; however while being at a beach where my phone could easily get sandy and wet I could not make them completely like the original. I made a few photo albums which will be in the captions of each of the samples.
Skyview Temple (multiple creative
 liberties taken), see more here
Sunrise photo, see more here
Sunset photo, see more here
Earth Temple (taken through a plastic bag
and with no good reference), see more here

Sunday, August 21, 2016

I Have an NSM

I have recently created a account on the NinSheetMusic forum. For those who don't know, NinSheetMusic is a website where people post piano arrangements of video game tracks. The forum is where members can request and submit sheets. I go by Lkjhgfdsa_77 on the forum. I have already submitted a sheet (Lanayru Sand Sea from Skyward Sword) and this will probably take up most of my free time for a while. I will probably make posts here or on my Google+ when one of my sheets gets on the site.

Colored Pencil - My iPhone

I drew this to see if I could draw something without using any lines. I feel like it turned out alright but I still need lines.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Digital Messing-Around-With-GIMP - Link Playing Ocarina GIF

This GIF is of Link from The Minish Cap playing the Ocarina of Wind with swaying grass. well yeah lkj i have eyes This took a ridiculously long time to make and you will be hearing it. First I had to find the correct sprites online to create the image and I created a tiny GIF with a black/transparent background. Then I decide to use the tall grass and make it sway. I could not find the Link-in-tall-grass-effect (i'm done i promise) sprite so I had to find a screenshot of the sprite and use other sprites to cross match every pixel to get the effect. Then I scaled it up and added the signature. To be nice I am including the effect that I had to create myself. You can take the effect, but don't say it's your own. (because it's mine haha)
The Effect

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pencil - Goron's Ruby (OoT 2/5)

After beating Ocarina of Time a second Spiritual Stone has finally been drawn. In this one I tired to focus on the translucency of the gem, but I feel that I could have added a slight reflection and other effects to the gem. I might re-upload a scanned image later but for now just take my art.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pencil - Kokiri's Emerald (OoT 1/5)

Photograph of the Emerald up close.
Now that Skyward Sword is done I started to play Ocarina of Time. Right now I am on the Fire Temple but I was able to stop playing to make a drawing related to the game. This will eventually be part of a larger drawing containing all 3 Spiritual Stones, the Ocarina of Time, and a Triforce in the background (but we both know what happened to the last drawing series so it might not happen). The new experiences don't have to stop as I also received a set of drawing pencils  I am proud of the shading work on this one, but because of the small size of the drawing and the lower picture quality of the scanner, the picture quality is okay and I am trying to find a way to make my pencil drawing scans look better.

Scan of the entire paper plus me testing out the pencils.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Digital Art - Graphics Tablet Test

There is no other reason that I am putting this up other than it looked good. I'm not even going to critique.

Digital Art - Link with Graphics Tablet

This drawing was made to celebrate my new ownership of a Wacom graphics tablet! With the new tablet, I feel like the style that I have made has changed, and I feel that I am using the tools differently with the pen's pressure sensor which I could not use with a mouse. To me it looks much more "strokey" than before and I found the face to be... okay. I decided to stylize Link after the one in Four Swords Adventures. When I originally sketched it I made the head to small and made Link a righty, so, uhhmm, yeah that happened. Tell me what you think (my one viewer).

Monday, July 4, 2016

Multicolor Pencil - US Flag

This I drew for the sake of putting something up on the blog. It exists because I have not posted in a week, I am messing around in Linux, and I am too lazy to make more digital art. It is also Independence Day in America so I decided on a flag. It was also convenient that I had only red and blue colored mechanical pencils. I also decided that it has to be accurate to an actual flag, which took a while and many tries in getting the 13 stripes and star placement right.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Digital Art - Sealing Spike + Announcement

Original version
First time doing digital art in... (ohmygosh 16 days thats like two weeks) a while, and I decided to make the Sealing Spike from Skyward Sword. It came out of a great idea of making items related to every boss in the game, but I realized that it takes a long time to do digital art. I also thought it would be a great idea to make it into a iPhone background, so I spent forever trying to find decent templates for spacing. I have also decided that I now know why I haven't done digital art in two weeks. It's because everything takes forever. Line art takes forever. Shading takes forever. Background takes forever. I will try to do more digital art of other items in the "series".
iPhone Background version with signature bumped up

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

New Photogaph and Random Talk

Hello and I haven't posted for 5 days. I was out doing other things and spending too much time playing Skyward Sword. I managed to get one decent edited photograph in for the blog. I may or may not try to start a drawing later today but I just wanted to not abandon the blog.

Oh yeah and also Linux dual boot

Friday, June 17, 2016

Multicolor Pencil - "Run." Guardian

You better run.
This is a last-minute post just to put something up for the day, but I drew a Guardian from Skyward Sword reflecting my fun / terrifyingly stressful time in the Sacred Realm. What will be posted is a photo taken with my phone but I will try to get a scanned copy along with some self-critique up tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Multicolor Pencil - "Get Inked!"

After hours of studying, line art, shading, and smudging my left hand, my Splatoon drawing is finally complete. On this piece I tried using a different lighting angle, which comes from the left side as opposed to a left angle. Most of the time I spent working on this I was shading the boxes, which I decided to create a ridged effect on the sides. I feel that the 1-point perspective put an emphasis on the Inkling in the center of the drawing. I actually drew the Inkling as my own Inkling in-game... so um yeah.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Old Ocarina of Time Link Drawings + Update

I haven't posted in 2 days so I decided to put some old drawings up on here for the sake of posting in this blog. These two were directly based off of the Akira Himekawa Ocarina of Time manga books and I decided to draw them a couple of months ago. I am currently working on a Splatoon-related drawing which will hopefully be posted later today.
Part 1 Cover
Part 2 Cover

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I made a meme

Multicolor Pencil - Hylian Shield

On Thursday I got a Pentel shipment of a red and blue mechanical pencil (0.7mm) and a 0.9mm mechanical pencil. I decided to draw a Hylian shield to test them out and it turned out... okay. I think the blue with the black to create the darker color could use some work. The smudge on the bottom left is where my real name as before I went in Krita and took it out.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Digital Art - Tired Link

This one is based off of a drawing that I drew with my pencil and decided to make it an excuse to practice my Krita skills. It is based of the scene in The Wind Waker when Link wakes up in his pajamas. I had a joke with my friends that Link was "not having it".

Digital Art - Master Sword and Triforce

This drawing is literally the first thing I made with Krita after playing around with all the brushes. I currently do not have a graphics tablet, so I think that I got a sort-of sketchy style from using my mouse. I personally like how the sword blade turned out with the shading and shine, but I think that the "wings" of the hilt have bad shading.


Hello. I am lkjhgfdsa_77 and this is my art blog. On this blog I will put my digital art, pencil sketches, photographs, and [probably] occasionally random stuff that I do. Now that school is out I will be able to draw much more frequently and upload on here. The plan is that I will get a DeviantArt to post all of my art and possibly use my YouTube account for other things, but... I don't know. I might end up abandoning this blog in a week or two. I might still be busy and only get to show my art to my friend group. I might stop doing art and use my time on completing Skyward Sword. That aside, the only thing I can do now is hope for the best and know that we will be in this together.