Saturday, September 9, 2017

Post-it Art #33 - Goron Bracelet

The next post-it art of the new school year is of the Goron Bracelet. In this post-it art I was able to experiment with the shading of the metal and the shadow of the oddly-shaped object. While the shading itself looks fine, it doesn't seem to be in line with the rest of itself and the shadow. The highlight is right next to the shadow, and the details in the insets show highlights when it should have been completely shaded. The shadow itself looks good, and I thought that I did a good job of making a shadow of the three "spikes" on the top. In addition to making post-it art, I made some other pencil sketches for a class that I might put up here.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Post-it Art #32 - Silver Scale

The first post-it art after a long summer hiatus is the Silver Scale from Ocarina of Time. This was the first time that I worked with pencil for a while, so I had to get used to working with it again. The in-game model for the scale uses a glossy, reflective texture for the outside sphere, and this turned out to be one of the main challenges of the drawing. I replicated the "strips" of light running vertically across the sphere, but since it was white it was hard to make it pop out. I think that I did a good job with making the scale itself feel suspended in the ball, neither inside nor outside of it. This was supposed to go up earlier but I kept forgetting to actually scan the post-it in; there is another equipment post-it art being drawn now which should go up in a couple of days.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Colored Copic - Master Sword

Copic drawing, focused and overlayed
over entire piece of paper
The other Copic marker artwork I made was another drawing of the Master Sword. Like the last one, this drawing was also made as a test for me to learn how to use the set of colored and skin-tone Copic markers. I first filled in a little color wheel for reference on what the colors actually were and played around with blending and the liner pen. I decided to draw a Master Sword again because the color set came with 3 different blues, which allowed me to have a good values in the piece. For an extreme highlight (where the light source reflected) I used the lightest gray and tried to blend in some of the light blue, however I couldn't get it to spread outside of where I set the marker down. I used both greens in the handle to show more of the shading. There was only one yellow in the color set, but I used the orange, brown and the dark skin tone to get a darker shade. The blade was done entirely with the grayscale set that I used before; because there are so many shades I was able to obtain a good color balance without getting too dark. I also used the lighter grays to simulate a "glow" against a darker background. I currently can't get the full sheet up but expect an update later today with it on. In other news, post-it art will be starting in around a week, so expect less of the variety that I have been giving in the summer.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Grayscale Copic - Master Sword and Triforce

Picture with focus on objects
Over the last couple of months, I have gathered an assortment of Copic markers, which are alcohol-based artist markers. This drawing is actually an older one from when I only had a set of neutral grays and a thin pen, and I was testing them out to see how they worked. After playing around with them on a test paper, I decided to try to draw my "logo" of sorts, a Master Sword overlaid onto a Triforce. Because Copic markers blend with each other easily, I tried to use a lot of gradients for shading and highlight work, and this turned out very well. When first playing around with the markers, I noticed that they were much darker than the colors that I would normally use in other mediums, like pencil. I don't remember planning the shapes very much. so the blade is crooked and parts of the Triforce are not completely straight. Like pastels, I think that this first "test" drawing is very good for being so new to the medium. Because I drew the objects at an angle, parts of the background are cut off, which is why the above picture has cuts in the main picture and the rest of the paper in the background behind a drop shadow.
Full test paper

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Live" Pastel - Sunrise + New Miscellaneous Photo

Pastel painting
The final pastel painting in the small pastel "series" is a drawing of a sunrise. Like last year, I woke up early to take photographs of the sunrise, and I decided to do another "live" pastel. On this one I got to play around more with the colors of both sand and a multi-colored sky. I used the same blend of yellow, brown, and black that I did for the sand on the testing paper. I also played around with the colors of the water, and I added some dark and light spots to imitate waves. The entire piece does seem a bit light for the time that I drew it at, but the colors still balance well. I like how I blended the sky colors and how the color intensity changes from one area to the next. For now this will be the last pastel that will be on the blog for a while, especially considering that school is starting soon. However, a couple pieces of art in a new medium are done and likely go on the blog in a couple of days. There is also a new photo in the Google Photos album for this year's vacation; Google Assistant made a stylized version of an existing photo and I put it up.
Original scene

Monday, August 14, 2017

"Live" Pastel - Second Sunset

Pastel artwork
The next pastel painting that I did is another sunset. I drew this when the weather cleared up more a day after I drew the last pastel. Even though I bought a larger set of pastels, I still used the Nupastels because they were quicker to blend and I didn't have to bring or set up as many supplies. Like the last sunset, I pastelled it in front of the actual scenery and was done in a relatively short amount of time. In this pastel I tried to blend colors together more and broaden the color "palette" that I was using. I also had to get used to these pastels again because they are much easier to blend. I tried to include the reflection of the sun, but because it blended in with the blue of the water it made the color muddier. Because this was drawn earlier in the sunset and on a clearer day, I was able to experiment more with the different colors of the sky rather than just a blue. I like how I created a gradient with the sky colors and added nice-looking clouds at the top. I wasn't sure how to include the sun in the drawing because of its brightness, so it doesn't look the best. This is the second to last pastel picture and this "series" will end tomorrow, but there is a new artwork I am working on which should be done sometime soon.
Original scene

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pastel - Flower Still Life

Pastel painting
The first non-landscape pastel painting I made was a still life of flowers against bricks and a white mantle. This wasn't done with the Nupastels I used for the past two drawings; I went to an art store and bought a set of 48 oil pastels along with an accessory kit. After testing them out on a separate piece of paper, I decided to try them out by pastelling the small arrangement on the desk. I noticed that the new set of oil pastels were "thicker" than the ones I have been using in the sense that they didn't spread as easily using a finger and that a blending stick had to be used to get a smooth color output. I also tried using off-white colors for the "white" mantle to give more realism and room for highlights. Again, I didn't plan ahead for the flower placement so the left and right flowers are a different shade than the rest. I do like the way I used reflection to mimic a clear vase and water. I think it was a good first use of the oil pastels.
Original scene