Saturday, December 23, 2017

Digital Art - Tree Sketch 1

I decided to try making digital art again, and after testing out some brushes, I drew a tree. This new art is much different than my past digital work, and this is mainly because I tried new and different methods. My past digital art was essentially colored line art; I used a pen brush to make lines and added flat color. While I did create a sketch to work out the basic composition, I used a pencil shading brush with color for the majority of the piece. Unlike what I used before, I didn't put any pieces of the drawing itself on separate layers than others. I used a palette (shown above) and went through with highlights and shade multiple times. As a result, the work looks traditional. I used a paint-like brush for the back of the palette and signature and a rough sponge-like brunch to create a rough grass effect. I tried to make a "weathered" look to the canvas to make it feel less unnatural; I changed the background to a light yellow and created a texture on the paper. I also used an off-white for the paintbrush strokes. I liked the way that I was able to blend and use brushes to create texture and form. However, I'm not sure is these techniques will transfer to other subject matter. I think that trying something new worked out well, and I would like to continue making more in the future.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Post-it Art #36 - Zora Tunic

After a short art hiatus, this next post-it art is of the Zora Tunic from Ocarina of Time. The texture was one of the biggest challenges when making this post-it art. According to the game, the tunic is made out of fish gills. I took this to mean some vaguely skin-looking stranded muscle which was stitched together somehow. To recreate this, I made strips running along the tunic, filled in the rest, and used horizontal lines to suggest thread used to hold the tunic together. I also made the ends of the sleeves and body break off to create a ragged feel. Hopefully I will be able to get another post-it art done before the end of the year.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Pen - Manga-style Face Studies 3

Back when I drew the other manga faces, I also made another drawing which I never posted up on the blog. This was based off of the front view, but I tried to do more of the lines without using the book as a reference. As such, I feel like it isn't the best one that I ahve made so far. There seems to be too much of a space between the eyes, and this skews the looks of most of the other proportions. The hair is also a bit odd-looking or some reason, possibly the way that it was shaded. At the top there is a small sketch that I did to try to warm up before the second face study. For the last couple of posts, I have been taking a photo under natural light instead of scanning it to see how it turned out. Depending on how they look, I may or may not switch back to scanning.

Pens used –
 - Studio Series Micro-Line Pens (05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 005)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Pen - Manga-style Face Studies 2

I decided to continue in my manga-style face drawing series and draw a profile view of a face. As with before, I copied the steps from the same book, but I tried to do a bit more on my own. I used the same hairstyle which was used in the example, but I created my own lines for the hair rather than copying it stroke by stroke. Aside from an awkward spot in the top left, it turned out pretty well. I also decided to try soething else with the shading; I used a more flat shading technique rather than the smooth gradients that I normally use. I think that I am starting to understand the composition of the face and body parts at least a bit more after drawing these faces. Hopefully I will be able to continue with these sort of drawings; I had a lot of extra time because of the Thanksgiving break.

Pens used –
 - Studio Series Micro-Line Pens (05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 005)

Friday, November 24, 2017

Pen - Manga-style Face Studies 1

After a short while of not doing much drawing, I was inspired to try to learn how to draw faces and characters. This is my first manga face study from following the book Mastering Manga with Mark Crilley. i am not affiliated with mark crilley or impact books i am not an advertiser I started with a warm-up drawing of a pair of eyes and tested out the different pens. I moved on to two of the face views, where I copied the example and steps; I wanted to see how a more experienced artist composed the drawing. I did add shading which was not present in the originals; because of post-it art I feel comfortable with shading. I feel like there is improvement even from the first face I drew (left) to the second. The shading on the face is more subtle and looks less like facial hair, and the mouth and hair look more natural. Whenever I draw faces again I'll likely be experimenting with different styles; I would like to find what seems the most natural to me.

Pens used –
 - Studio Series Micro-Line Pens (05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 005)

Friday, November 17, 2017

Post-it Art #35 - Iron Boots

This next post-it art is a drawing of the Iron Boots from Ocarina of Time. This was actually done during this week, and most of the daily sketches were started and finished as this drawing was being made. In this piece, there were a couple textures that I got to play around with shading, namely the metal and leather. For the leather, I kept with using loose lines in different directions. For the metal, I tried to make a smoother texture and added sharper shading. I probably could've done the shading work on the front metal piece better; the light source was in an odd place to show the highlights. The crease marking on the side of the left boot looks a bit awkward and the shading on the overhand is a bit too dark. I like the way that I did the shadow; I blurred out the shadow as it got further away from the object.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

r/SketchDaily 16 Nov. - Dairy Products (Alt. Theme)

My third r/SketchDaily sketch is from the alternate theme "dairy products;" the second was a rough sketch posted on my Twitter which I will be re-drawing. For this prompt, I decided to draw a piece of cheese resting next to a glass of milk. Because this was a sketch and not a more polished drawing, this drawing does not have single, defined lines like most of my other pencil work. Instead, I use more of a "sketchy" style and use multiple, sometimes inaccurate lines to create shapes and shadows. For a sketch which only took around half an hour, I think it turned out well. The shadows are a little weird, especially on the glass, and I will try to fix this in future sketches.