Friday, November 17, 2017

Post-it Art #35 - Iron Boots

This next post-it art is a drawing of the Iron Boots from Ocarina of Time. This was actually done during this week, and most of the daily sketches were started and finished as this drawing was being made. In this piece, there were a couple textures that I got to play around with shading, namely the metal and leather. For the leather, I kept with using loose lines in different directions. For the metal, I tried to make a smoother texture and added sharper shading. I probably could've done the shading work on the front metal piece better; the light source was in an odd place to show the highlights. The crease marking on the side of the left boot looks a bit awkward and the shading on the overhand is a bit too dark. I like the way that I did the shadow; I blurred out the shadow as it got further away from the object.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

r/SketchDaily 16 Nov. - Dairy Products (Alt. Theme)

My third r/SketchDaily sketch is from the alternate theme "dairy products;" the second was a rough sketch posted on my Twitter which I will be re-drawing. For this prompt, I decided to draw a piece of cheese resting next to a glass of milk. Because this was a sketch and not a more polished drawing, this drawing does not have single, defined lines like most of my other pencil work. Instead, I use more of a "sketchy" style and use multiple, sometimes inaccurate lines to create shapes and shadows. For a sketch which only took around half an hour, I think it turned out well. The shadows are a little weird, especially on the glass, and I will try to fix this in future sketches.

Monday, November 13, 2017

r/SketchDaily 13 Nov. - Snowflakes (Alt. Theme)

After a very long hiatus five weeks wow, I have gotten back into making art and have made a small drawing of a snowflake. This was actually done from the subreddit r/SketchDaily alternate prompt, which was... snowflake. The lines are done with pen, and the blue color was made with a highlighter. I drew this on one of my white post-its in the span of around 15-20 minutes during lunch, and it turned out fine. As I have said on my Twitter, I have started making another main post-it art, so expect that on the blog hopefully in this week.

I would like to apologize again for going on a month-long hiatus again; I've been busy with life stuff again. Expect a barrage of daily content again followed by another hiatus.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Inktober 2017 - Day 6 "Sword"

I have decided to participate in the month-long Inktober pen art challenge. For now, I'm picking up on the day that I'm "joining" and will probably do days 1 through 5 in early November. Day 6's theme was "sword," so I decided to draw a sword against a dark background with parts of it being overtaken by the dark background. I used a variety of pens to create this drawing, and I had a lot of fun utilizing their different properties when making the drawing. For example, my thick brush pen was used to create the main lines, background, and the shading of the gem, while the thinner and lighter pigment pens were used for the smooth shading of the blade. While pen is somewhat similar to pencil, I still had to use an extra piece of paper to test out strokes and techniques, especially with the brush pen. I also included a small quote explaining the drawing and its connection to the theme. I think that I did a very good job for not using pen in a long time. However, even though I tried to make the drawing as symmetrical as I could, there are a couple of areas which are crooked and uneven.

I recorded myself drawing this and the video will hopefully be up tomorrow; I would have liked it to go up today but editing took a long time.

Pens used -
 - Copic Gasenfude Nylon Brush Pen
 - Copic Multiliner SP 0.5
 - Sketch Plan Pigment 01
 - Sketch Plan Pigment 005

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Post-it Art #34 - Golden Gauntlet

The next post-it art is of the Golden Gauntlet from Ocarina of Time. I kept with the theme of drawing the last item in a "series" for now (as seen with the Claim Check and Mask of Truth), but the design for the silver and gold versions are so similar it could be either one. This post-it at has a number of interesting textures, and I think that I captured them very well. I knew that I had problems with lighting in the last post-it art, so I made sure that I defined one and kept it. I especially like the highlight "strips" across the top of the metal plates. This post-it art was done a while ago, but I kept forgetting to make an actual post about it. I'm thinking of making a mixed-media autumn-themed series if I can get the time.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Post-it Art #33 - Goron Bracelet

The next post-it art of the new school year is of the Goron Bracelet. In this post-it art I was able to experiment with the shading of the metal and the shadow of the oddly-shaped object. While the shading itself looks fine, it doesn't seem to be in line with the rest of itself and the shadow. The highlight is right next to the shadow, and the details in the insets show highlights when it should have been completely shaded. The shadow itself looks good, and I thought that I did a good job of making a shadow of the three "spikes" on the top. In addition to making post-it art, I made some other pencil sketches for a class that I might put up here.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Post-it Art #32 - Silver Scale

The first post-it art after a long summer hiatus is the Silver Scale from Ocarina of Time. This was the first time that I worked with pencil for a while, so I had to get used to working with it again. The in-game model for the scale uses a glossy, reflective texture for the outside sphere, and this turned out to be one of the main challenges of the drawing. I replicated the "strips" of light running vertically across the sphere, but since it was white it was hard to make it pop out. I think that I did a good job with making the scale itself feel suspended in the ball, neither inside nor outside of it. This was supposed to go up earlier but I kept forgetting to actually scan the post-it in; there is another equipment post-it art being drawn now which should go up in a couple of days.